In today's world, businesses and consumers rely heavily on technology to help streamline their day-to-day, allowing them to dedicate their focus towards bigger picture items. However, many within the manufacturing industry are still utilizing disparate and outdated systems to keep track of critical business data. This industry requires a solution to not only help keep up with the competition, but get the edge over them.

Take a look at why the Salesforce Platform might be the perfect answer to these complicated barriers. 

Connect Salesforce With Your ERP System

A true 360-degree view of your customer data requires your data currently locked in most ERP systems. Luckily, Salesforce allows you to streamline operations by connecting common business processes with your back-office systems, bringing customer and contact management, quotes, orders, and more into one centralized location.

Open Communication Between Front and Back Office

Rather than switching back and forth between your CRM and ERP systems, integrating the two allows you to make information even more accessible, including:

  • Account and contact data
  • Invoices and payment history
  • Product/Pricing Data
  • Warranty & Service Information

Carry the Customer Experience Across All Departments 

Lack of communication between marketing, sales, and support teams can create a disjointed experience throughout the entire customer journey. With Salesforce CRM, manufacturing companies can communicate through a single channel, aligning their marketing and sales efforts to help ease the customer’s decision-making process, and have them coming back for more.

Decrease Warehouse Costs

Through the Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud, projections for your customers are now even more precise through custom sales agreements and forecasting tools. By utilizing these tools, along with many other features of Manufacturing Cloud, the buildup of warehouse inventory can be more easily avoided, lowering overall production costs.

Automate Your Sales Process

Today’s sales teams are focused on getting more touches in with their leads. This can be a struggle for manufacturing companies who are still stuck utilizing their outdated sales processes. With Sales Cloud, teams can accelerate the sales process through various automation and collaboration tools. Automating your pipeline will allow you to focus on the bigger picture, turning leads into customers quicker and more efficiently.

Manage Your Marketing Process

Promoting your company through various channels is a key aspect of marketing, and helps to create an achievable path to your lead generation goal. Marketing Cloud and Pardot provide marketers the ability to control promotion over these channels through a single service. Build personalized email campaigns, schedule social content, create automation workflows and more all while integrating over to Salesforce, providing users simplified campaign management and collaboration with other teams.

Want to learn more about how manufacturers can take full advantage of Salesforce? Schedule a one-on-one consultation to learn how you can create a more efficient marketing and sales process for your business.