Well folks, that's a wrap! Another successful Dreamforce is now in the books for Trifecta Technologies. Marking our eleventh year as a Trusted Partner of Salesforce, we were so thrilled to join the more than 40,000 in-person attendees at Dreamforce 2023. Our teams at home kept their skills and knowledge sharp by joining more than 200,000 watching remotely for Salesforce's largest conference of the year and we were not disappointed.  

This year’s Dreamforce was brought to you by the letters “A” and “I”.  Every session incorporated some aspect of a Salesforce AI offering, with a heavy emphasis on generative AI (GPT). There is no doubt that AI is the top priority at Salesforce and a top priority for our customers. The nice thing about Salesforce providing AI services directly with their platform is that our customers will get the benefits without the effort of building all their own AI infrastructure.  

While AI was the major topic of Dreamforce, Data Cloud came in a close second. Data Cloud is the underpinning of Salesforce’s AI Cloud and enables rich predictive and generative AI experiences with customer profile information, from many different sources, consolidated in Data Cloud. 

It’s amazing how much AI has moved to the forefront of everything since last Dreamforce. At last Dreamforce generative AI (GPT) was not even discussed. Salesforce did have predictive AI and analytic AI, and they were part of a few Dreamforce 2022 sessions. Salesforce started working on their GPT offerings earlier this year and only generally released their first GPT offering in July 2023.  We are so excited to see where the state of AI on Salesforce will be at Dreamforce 2024. 



Let's Hear From Trifecta's Salesforce MVP Hall of Famer: Peter Knolle

Peter Knolle at his Salesforce Hall of Fame induction

1. Our Architecture Team Lead Peter Knolle took part in an official induction ceremony into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame! Congratulations on this great achievement, Peter!

Salesforce MVP Notebook with Calligraphy

2. Dreamforce showered their elite Hall of Famers like Peter with exclusive events and perks throughout the week! Embossed notebooks personalized on-site with calligraphy was a huge hit! So cool!

Dreamforce 2023 Community Group Leader Breakfast with Peter Knolle

3. Salesforce MVP Hall of Famer, Peter Knolle, attends the Dreamforce 2023 Community Group Leader Breakfast and showcases his commitment to helping lead the way for future Trailblazers and the advancement of AI. 

Trailblazers at the MVP Party #baldforce #DF23

4. The MVP Party was a major success with #BALDFORCE in attendance! So fun!


"I have been in the Salesforce MVP program in one way or another for almost 10 years (2014 - 2019 Active; 2020 - Current Hall of Fame). It was incredibly humbling to be part of an official induction ceremony into the Salesforce MVP Hall of Fame alongside many folks in the Salesforce community that I have befriended, engaged with, and admired over the years. 

It was also very exciting to see the roadmap for B2B and D2C Commerce. There is a lot going on that will make it easier to get storefronts up and running in no time. There are already some very useful AI features such as Einstein Recommendations (Predictive AI) that allow for recommending products in different ways. Additionally, it was very interesting to see another commerce AI offering, Commerce Concierge, in action. 

Finally, the "Architect Keynote: The Future Is Well Architected" session was especially informative. It cut through the hype and marketing and got to the questions Architects want answered, mainly how is it all done and what are the capabilities now?  There was an excellent portion of the keynote where two Architects: (1) A Salesforce Architect, and (2) an Architect who builds Salesforce itself, diagrammed the foundations of Salesforce core and Data Cloud and how they interact. This session is now available on Salesforce+ and I highly recommend checking it out."

Other Top Moments From Dreamforce: 

Dreamforce Park Map Welcome Sign
1. Kicking off the week viewing some of the incredible Dreamforce decorations and theming all throughout the premises! These details transformed the experience to one of awe and adventure!
Josh next to his feature on a Salesblazer poster
2. Our very own Salesblazer, Josh Turner, was featured on multiple digital displays as he blazes his trail to helping our Customers reach new levels of success! Go Josh!!
Tom Miller, Scott Geosits, and Joshua Turner connecting with Trailblazers!

3. Our team enjoyed connecting with other Trailblazers during the week, from keynote speakers to happy hours, exciting conversation was always in the cards.

Pictured: Tom Miller, Scott Geosits, and Josh Turner

Trifecta's Happy Hour at Ula
4. Finally, one of our favorite memories from Dreamforce was hosting our very own Trifecta Happy Hour! We had a ball entertaining our VIP guests at the beautiful Ula Restaurant where we had refreshments and much needed time to connect with fellow Trailblazers!


In short, we had an absolute ball and would love to thank all the fellow Trailblazers who joined us for our various events throughout the week. We are so excited for the future of Generative AI within the Salesforce platform and can't wait to help our Customers learn more about how AI can help them solve their business challenges. 

Here's looking forward to Dreamforce 2024 (September 17th - 19th, 2024) to be held in Salesforce's hometown of San Francisco once again. Until we meet agAIn, keep blazin' those Trails! 

Stephanie DeWitt

Director of Marketing, Trifecta Technologies