Dreamforce 2021 Recap - Part II

Dreamforce 2021 was a three-day event jam-packed with innovations, inspirational speakers, product and feature announcements, and stories of customer success. We couldn't possibly cover it all in one post!

Trifecta is continuing our recap of Dreamforce 2021 with Part II of event highlights and our favorite moments. If you missed Part I of the series, you can check it out here! Then, watch Part II of our vlog recap below and read on for more details! 


B2B Commerce Cloud

Favorite moment of Martin O'Hara, Senior eCommerce Practice Lead at Trifecta, and member of the Salesforce B2B Partner Advisory Board

eCommerce is a rapidly growing market, which has only been fueled by the turmoil caused by our global pandemic. Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud creates commerce storefront experiences for businesses making large-volume purchases from other businesses online. The use of Einstein and AI within Commerce Cloud will enable our customers to be more agile, react to market trends, and personalize storefronts based on customer insights.

Salesforce-B2BCommerceLearn about all the new features coming up for Commerce Cloud.


Slack for Commerce

Favorite moment of Selay Demir, Account Executive at Trifecta

Slack-Commerce-1Calling Slack a “messaging tool” is like calling Salesforce a “CRM” - technically accurate, but the description is an outrageous simplification of the power in each platform. With its recent acquisition by Salesforce, Slack can transform the way organizations communicate. While Slack integrates with the full suite of Salesforce products, we’re particularly excited for how it unites with Commerce Cloud to deliver a customer-centric experience.

Watch how Slack for Commerce can help you grow your business.


Unification of Salesforce CLI

Favorite moment of Peter Knolle, Solutions Architect at Trifecta, and Salesforce MVP and Hall of Fame member

Salesforce has noticed partners have been doing more ambitious development works, developing across clouds and products. To help simplify and streamline this process, Salesforce has announced CLI Unification – a new, global CLI executable called sf that provides you with a single command line taxonomy for cross-Salesforce development.

CLI-UnificationLearn more about the unification of Salesforce CLI.


Feeling Inspired?

Believe it or not, there are many other exciting announcements and topics that even Part I and Part II (this blog) didn't have the chance to recap! For the full lineup of on-demand Dreamforce 2021 content, visit Salesforce+

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