What is UI/UX?

User Interface (UI) Design revolves around the site’s visual presentation and creating a pleasant, on-brand experience for the site visitor. 

User Experience (UX) Design takes the user’s needs/wants for a site and makes the architectural decisions around them. This is intended to make the site's structure convenient and easily navigable so the visitor has a seamless experience.

Why Is UI/UX So Important Today?

Shoppers are moving towards digital channels to make purchases, according to Salesforce’s Connected Shopper Report. In 2023, shoppers made 49% of transactions in physical stores, with the rest taking place across digital channels. It is estimated that the transactions completed in store will decrease to 44% by 2025 (Salesforce). 

 51% of Customer Transactions are occurring in a digital space


An increase in traffic across digital channels will require impressive UI/UX to keep customers happy and convert site clicks to sales. UI/UX that meets the customer’s needs when they visit your site will lead to higher engagement and more meaningful experiences with your brand. Investing in the user experience today will bring massive returns for your business in the future. 

According to Forbes, companies that implement UX strategies see an increase in sales, customer retention, and market share. These companies will also see decreases in the cost of customer acquisition and training (Paun).  

 UXUI Review - deliver a site that serves customers

A strong approach to UI/UX creates seamless site-wide interactions, so any need that the customer has can be accurately met. This can include fast loading speeds, professional and on-brand appearances, and easy navigation. A convenient shopping experience that is user-friendly and delivers information encourages consumers to make a purchase, increasing sales. Positive interactions with your company are remembered and rewarded with customer loyalty.


UI/UX at Trifecta

Trifecta’s experts use research, design, and testing to deliver a constructive review of your site. Trifecta’s UI/UX Review is conducted and compiled by experts, pinpointing the most vulnerable areas of your site. To best meet your business' needs, we offer two packages: the Rapid Start and Customer Insight. Here are the details about our UI/UX Review. Reach out to get started today!



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Connected Shoppers Report, 5th Edition. Salesforce, 2023. 

Kathryn Ambrose

Marketing Associate, Trifecta Technologies